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Patient Information – Travel Risk Assessment Form

To download our Travel Risk Assessment Form – please click on the link at the bottom of this page. Once completed, please hand your form in at reception.

On receipt of your completed form, the practice nurse will check your electronic/paper medical records and conditions in the country(s) that you are travelling to. Depending on demand, availability and accessibility, this can take a little time. Once this has been reviewed the practice will contact you.

Vaccines are available on the NHS and privately. Private vaccinations need to be paid for and ordered before your immunisation can commence – you will need to make a decision about this at your first appointment with the practice nurse.

Some courses of vaccines take 2 weeks before they become effective. A full course of some vaccines may take longer.

For all of the reasons above, we need at least 8 weeks before the time of travel in order to guarantee that the process can be completed. If you apply to us within a shorter notice period than this we may not be able to satisfy some, or all of your needs. There are private clinics that might be able to help you speed things along in these circumstances.

Bon voyage!

Travel Risk Assessment Form

Health Advice for Travellers:

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